The Womanity Foundation

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The Womanity Foundation is an international foundation that envisions to contribute to a world where all women and men have equal and full social, economic and political participation. The Womanity Foundation works to empower girls and women to shape their future and accelerate progress within their communities. Tens of thousands of girls and women benefit from the programs they presently run in Afghanistan, Brazil, India, Israel, Morocco and the Palestinian Territories.


Communications Strategy for The Womanity Award

Natascha Vega-Pertuz was sent from Grey NY to work with The Womanity Foundation in Paris. The goal was to develop a communications plan for The Womanity Award – an initiative that serves to identify powerful, evidence-based programs that present innovative and effective solutions to end violence against women. The main idea of the Award is to offer the necessary support to scale up and replicate those initiatives, and make their impact broader and more significant. But first, they needed to raise the profile of the Award, and effectively communicate with all stakeholders – a task that Natascha graciously embraced.