School of St Yared

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The School of St Yared provides an excellent education to talented, impoverished children from the poorest suburbs of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. Their goal is to empower students to break free from poverty and to become future leaders in their communities.

St Yared’s approach to education is transforming lives and communities. Their students often outperform their peers at private schools both academically and on the sports field. Outside of school, they are becoming agents of change for their community. |


Developing strategies and tools to help St Yared improve their sustainability

Since it was founded in 2009, the School of St Yared has provided a world class education free of charge to some of the poorest and brightest children in Addis Ababa. They teach their students skills that will enable them to become the future leaders of their communities, capable of lifting themselves and those around them out of poverty. Each child’s education is sponsored by donors, and all fundraising is done through dedicated volunteers.

As the school grows, there is increasing need to tell more people about its amazing work in order to secure much needed funds for its future. Claire Carmichael spent a month helping them develop strategies to raise awareness of their work, engage new sponsors and increase their financial sustainability.

St Yared