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Insituto Solidare is a non-profitable social entity working within the Coqueiral neighbourhood and surrounding communities in Recife, Brazil. The institute’s main objective is to tackle the tough social and economic reality that the people of the communities face every day. The organization works towards the formation of citizens, who, after involved with the organization and their projects, are better aware of their potential to transform their own reality.


Getting companies to support Solidare’s work

In November 2011, Jeremy Gleeson from BBH got on board with TIE to help Instituto Solidare. The aim of the placement was to help the institute to initiate a relationship with local companies and engage them in the social issues experienced by the local community where they are based. Through this support the institute would be able to continue helping children and create a better future for them through education. Jeremy created a communications toolkit to be delivered to a list of local companies that could potentially become partners of the institute as well as worked with the local agency Aê! and IS to create a new website for them.

Shortly after the launch of the campaign, companies had already signed in to support Solidare. solidare website


Creating a brand identify for Project Seleta

Alice McKenzie, from Saatchi&Saatchi London, came to Recife to help Instituto Solidare’s new social iniative: Project Seleta.

The original idea of Seleta came from the opportunity to use recyclables as a way to clean the environment and generate income for the women of one of the poorest communities in Recife. They would gather, process and sell the recyclables back to the industry. It was a nice plan, but something incredible happened and it became even better. They decided to use the materials to create handcrafts and beauty products. Everyone was amazed by the natural talent the women showed. And they really loved doing that.

The timing for Alice’s placement couldn’t have been better. She arrived in this moment of change and she helped them through it. At the end of the placement, they had a brand that reflected everything Seleta truly was. It was a win-win for everyone.

Seleta logo