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SMV (Smart Moving Vehicles) is a social business designed to improve the lives of rickshaw drivers in India. By offering cycle rickshaws on weekly installments across 12-14 months, after which the driver becomes the owner, SMV addresses some of the most difficult challenges the community of rickshaw drivers faces.

This is the first initiative of its kind. There aren’t many businesses willing to empower this community or even assist them. SMV’s model can change the reality of rickshaw drives and empower some of India’s most traditional professionals.


Campaign designed to boost SMV’s reach and impact

Tom Reas, a Copywriter at Grey London, went to Varanasi (India) to help SMV increase their reach and impact.

With a team of only 4 salesmen, SMV was struggling to get the word out there about the amazing benefits of SMV. Tom had a simple idea: to use some of the current 2.000 vehicle owners as promoters of the business. Check out his case study film to see how simple ideas can have a huge impact: