Shaishav Trust

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Shaishav is a grassroots voluntary organization working out of Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India. They work with and for children, as a completely participatory, child-rights organization. Working with marginalized children and youth that live in slums, their goal is to enable them to reach their full potential. Shaishav strives to ensure that all children are safe and enjoy their rights and all the joys of childhood equally. To reach children beyond Bhavnagar, Shaishav supports like-minded organisations working with children and promotes child-friendly policies by actively participating in national and state networks and governance structures. |


Raising awareness of Shaishav’s work

BBH London sent Emma Johnston-Donne to spend a month in India working with Shaishav, a grassroots organisation that fights to assure that children in India have their rights respected and their childhood preserved. She helped them improve their brand and create the strategy and tools to help secure future resources and sponsors. During her placement, she made a very special short film to help Shaishav raise awareness of their work and help them fundraise. The two-minute film shows the children talking about some of today’s big issues – Trump’s wall, immigration, the extreme wealth/poverty divide and gender inequality. Their inspiring responses show the positive influence children are already having on their communities as a result of Shaishav’s work.


Developing a long term strategy for Shaishav

In 2021 Shaishav got involved again with TIE to help them with some longer term strategic planning. Shameem Sangha and Paul Steggal worked with Shaishav’s co-founder, Parul Sheth and they all were involved with our TIE Advisor programme. Paul, Shameem and Parul met regularly to develop a long-term business strategy for Shaishav, exploring different sources of revenue and guaranteeing the sustainability of their work with marginalised children in India. This will help ensure that basic food and hygienic needs are met not only for Shaishav’s children but also for their families.