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They say butterflies have tremendous power. Beautiful and majestic in nature, but… a flap of their wings has the power to change the world. That is the butterfly effect, and that is what the Seleta project is all about.

The Seleteiras take rubbish and recycled objects, and transform them into something new and beautiful. They create beauty from the most unexpected of places.

Seleta gives the women, the Seleteiras, a chance to not only help the environment, but a chance to help themselves too.
The money raised by Seleta goes towards improving the lives of the Seleteiras and their families.

Project Seleta is an Instituto Solidare initiative.


Creating and launching their brand

Alice McKenzie, from Saatchi&Saatchi London, came to Recife to help Instituto Solidare’s new social iniative: Project Seleta.

The original idea of Seleta came from the opportunity to use recyclables as a way to clean the environment and generate income for the women of one of the poorest communities in Recife. They would gather, process and sell the recyclables back to the industry. It was a nice plan, but something incredible happened and it became even better. They decided to use the materials to create handcrafts and beauty products. Everyone was amazed by the natural talent the women showed. And they really loved doing that.

The timing for Alice’s placement couldn’t have been better. She arrived in this moment of change and she helped them through it. At the end of the placement, they had a brand that reflected everything Seleta truly was. It was a win-win for everyone.

Seleta logo