Rede Asta

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Rede Asta is a social business that empowers artisan women in Brazil by improving their business and giving visibility to their handmade products. Through trainings, the creation of production networks and sale channels, Rede Asta helps artisans and their communities to improve their products and have access to larger markets, always keeping in mind the principles of fair trade where the artisan gets the larger cut.

Today Asta supports 60 productive groups across 10 states in Brazil, having improved the lives of more than 4.000 women. Their sales network consist in two stores in Rio, their online store and corporate sales. |


Developing the tools and strategy for Asta’s School of Artisans

In October 2016, FCB’s Senior Strategic Planner Eryn LeMesurier spent a month in Rio working at Rede Asta.

Her goal there was to develop a toolkit of marketing strategies for underprivileged female artisans, teaching them how to brand their business, grow their awareness and generate sales leads on their own.

She and the FCB team put together an amazing ‘30 Days On TIE’ video, where she shared her TIE experience!

It’s a really inspiring illustration of why we do what we do, how it changes people’s lives, and simply what happens during those 30 days on TIE.