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Purposeful Productions is a movement building hub for adolescent girls in the global south. The charity focuses on three strategic areas to support girls and their allies to radically remake the world for themselves. These include insights and advocacy, girl-oriented communications, movement building and micro-granting. Their work is both global and local. In Sierra Leone these activities are brought together into one integrated strategy, creating a ground-swell of girls who can access and imagine new possibilities for themselves and their communities. Elsewhere, they support a diverse range of partners to spark and sustain movements with and for girls.

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Marketing strategy and campaign

The Purposeful team has worked on a variety of high-profile media projects, ranging from establishing a national youth brand for the BBC to bringing young people into the creative sector; leading a radio project to give youth a voice in the aftermath of the Sierra Leonean civil war; working across the Unilever portfolio on social purpose initiatives; and building a magazine and radio brand in Ethiopia to empower teenage girls. To spark and sustain movements, practitioners need space to connect, commune, and radically reimagine how the world might be. And more than this, they need access to the flexible, long term funds that will allow them to activate their ideas and sustain the extraordinary work they do, every day, despite the shifting agendas of international donors.

Jessica Lehmann from the WPP network went on TIE in 2018, to help Purposeful Productions develop a marketing strategy and a campaign to raise awareness of their brand.