Octopus Investments

TIE projects with 

Joy Street
February 2018
Recife (Brazil)

Amira worked with Joy Street, a social enterprise in the tech hub of Recife, helping them explore new business strategies and clients and supporting the organization’s sustainability and innovation, especially in regard to the company’s recently launched product APTA. You can read her story here.

Chance for Change
April 2018
Lilongwe (Malawi)

Chloe spent a month helping Chance for Change develop their enterprise strategy and program, empowering young offenders to become entrepreneurs and take charge of their future. Check out her story here.

Barefeet Theatre
February 2019
Lusaka (Zambia)

Claire spent a month helping the Barefeet Theatre rethink their Youth Arts Festival, a platform for vulnerable children to express themselves and Barefeet’s most important annual event. Check out her story here.

Prospect Burma
March 2019
Yangon (Myanmar)

Felicia spent a month helping Prospect Burma map out fundraising opportunities for Prospect Burma in Myanmar and turning the approach into a tangible plan of action. Check out her story here.

Lao Disabled Women’s Development Centre
May 2019
Vientiane (Laos)

Emma spent a month in Laos helping the Lao Disabled Women’s Development centre develop more effective advocacy and fundraising strategies. Check out her story here.