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According to the World Health Organisation, there are about 2,500,000 people with disabilities in Ghana. Very few schools are prepared to welcome children with disabilities, which has lead to a huge gap in opportunities and access to rights to disabled people; in the Northern and Volta regions of Ghana, the situation is much worse compared to the capital, Accra. The Mobility Foundation works to reduce this gap. By advocating for people with disabilities and for people living with HIV/AIDS in rural areas in Ghana, the organization is improving the lives of thousands of people and giving them the opportunity to improve their lives. Working on a very grassroots level, the Mobility Foundation can see the needs of people very closely and work to address them. |


A strategic communications plan to increase funding and partners

In the Northern and Volta regions of Ghana, people with disabilities are often neglected, and have fewer opportunities of accessing the education and health systems. That’s especially hard for those living in the remote villages, cut out from the cities, where government reach is minimal. In such places, they have little to no access to education or health. The Mobility Foundation addresses these populations, providing rehabilitation and professional training for people with disabilities. Albert Gentry from VMLY&R New York went to Ghana in 2019 to help the Mobility Foundation rebrand itself as ACID-Ghana and he created a strategic communications plan to increase funding and partners, providing the organisation with more structure to carry out its work. Following his placement, the organisation is now expecting to accomplish a lot more. You can read more about his story here.