Lao Disabled Women’s Development Centre

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The Lao Disabled Women Development Centre (LDWDC) is an NGO based just outside Vientiane, the capital of Laos. Founded in 1990 as a sewing group in the home of the Director, Madam Chanhpheng Sivila, they initially taught disabled women the skills of needlework and pattern making. In 2002, the group officially became the Lao Disabled Women’s Development Centre — an active advocate for the rights to recognition and equal opportunities for disabled women. From their earliest days, they have addressed the struggles of women with disabilities to access rights such as education, professional training and employment. Persons with disabilities face multiple barriers when seeking access to such rights, which is often due to social stigma and the lack of inclusive practices from employers. |


A roadmap for more effective advocacy and fundraising approaches

Emma Ryan from the Octopus Group spent a month in Laos working with the LDWDC team in order to help them implement more effective advocacy and fundraising strategies. LDWDC’s team — made up of passionate, hard-working professionals — had been struggling to apply for grants and expand their reach within Lao society. Emma’s work has been important to guide them towards more effective strategies that will help secure a financially sustainable future for the organisation.

She did so by helping the centre not only apply for international grants, which they got as a result of Emma’s applications, but also by helping with their marketing strategy, which relates to the handicraft made by the centre’s beneficiaries and are its main source of income.