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Lar Rejane Marques is a temporary home for children with mental or physical disabilities and their siblings, that have been neglected or victims of violence and abuse from their families. Lar provides them health care, education, food, clothing and the love and affection they so desperately need. They also work with their families in order to educate them and restore the family bonds, so they can welcome their children back home.

The service provided by Lar is very important to the city of Recife – yet is not supported by the government or the society. No other organizations offer the same service, which makes Lar even more essential to these children’s survival. |


Rebrand and business strategy to increase awareness and attract more supporters

In February 2015, we had Grey London’s amazing Mike Alhadeff. He came to Recife to work with Lar and the students from the experimental agency Inata. They identified that, in order to get a more sustainable base of donors to support Lar, first they needed to get people talking about disability and paying attention to the challenges people with disabilities face.

See a part of the work below and check out his case study for more incredible results.

Lar Outdoor 1

Lar Outdoor 2