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The Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology is a local, non-governmental organization that promotes household-level permaculture and agroecology systems in Malawi through demonstration, education, outreach and advocacy. Since 2009, Kusamala educates individuals and communities on how to improve nutrition, income generation and environmental health. Through grants and programs, Kusamala conducts outreach, research and advocacy with the aim to show the viability of permaculture as a local and national agricultural strategy. In a country where 80% of the population are subsistence farmers, Kusamala demonstrates how locally available resources can meet human needs while improving quality of life both for people and the environment.

kusamala.org | facebook.com/Kusamala


Creating a new brand identity and business strategy

In March 2015, TIE brought Wieden+Kennedy’s creative Ben Shaffery to work with in rural Malawi with Kusamala. Ben’s task wasn’t easy: to help local people understand the benefits and importance of permaculture and how it could improve their lives. For that, he needed to change the perceptions of Kusamala and help them better communicate with local farmers and residents, and also with other organizations and businesses. All this while generating new business opportunities for Kusamala.

Ben and his team developed a new identity to Kusamala, a new website and new communication pieces. He also helped them restructure their courses offering, which will help ensure their sustainability. See a part of the work below.

Kusamala Site 1

Kusamala_panflet 2