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Greenroot Finance is an innovative financial institution based in Lilongwe, whose products are designed to leave clients better off, while ensuring that the structuring of each product adheres to sound risk management principles. GreenRoot was founded by a young Malawian woman with the vision to be the most approachable, most transparent, and most responsive financial provider for its target clients – business women & low earning members of the work force. These are people that are economically active but still face significant challenges accessing credit. But with GreenRoot, they have a chance to take control of their financial lives and invest in themselves and in their families.


Branding & Strategy to increase Greenroot’s investment base

In August 2014, Lorna Burt, from Leo Burnett, went to Lilongwe to work with Greenroot. During her research, Lorna realized that she needed to change the way people saw Greenroot and she did it by recreating their visual identity and reinventing the way Greenroot could talk about their services. The strategy developed by Lorna helped them to understand how to better communicate their business and this will be a game changer for Greenroot. Lorna also helped them to recreate their website and stationary, giving unity to their entire communication materials.

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