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Em Cena is a Brazilian NGO based in Recife that works to improve the lives and defend the rights of children in some of the poorest communities in the city through art education, humanities and culture. Em Cena uses the power of music and theatre to keep the children away from the drugs and to give them a voice in their communities and control over their future.



TIE campaign to raise awareness of Em Cena’s work

TIE brought Anna Bradfield from JWT New York to develop a communications campaign for Em Cena in the community where they work to help all of the people understand what the NGO does and what they offer. The campaign provided the NGO with an insight to a new way of working and got them thinking of simpler ways of working in order to achieve their aims. It improved the relationship with the local agency and with a number of members within the local community. Following the placement Anna worked with Em Cena in order to help them think of a way to show what Em Cena is all about through the eyes of the children – through theatre and art as a way of expression. Anna helped them create an idea of a short film about what they do, made by the kids at Em Cena. They produced the film and you can see it below. You can read the case study here.


TIE Campaign To Help Change Perceptions of Em Cena

Em Cena’s second campaign with TIE involved Laura Pearlstein, a Strategic Manager at Landor, that came to Brasil in August to develop a campaign that would help change perceptions of Em Cena and encourage families to send their boys to spend time at the organisation. Em Cena is perceived in the community as a classical ballet school, and because of that, almost 90% of the children and teens that attend to the institution are girls, and the few boys that want to go to Em Cena are victims of bullying among friends and even family.

However, Em Cena is a performing art school where all children and teens can go to learn dance, music, and take part in Humanities classes. They focus on four main areas – arts; education; citizenship and community development and Laura worked with Em Cena their local agency INATA to develop a campaign that focused on raising awareness to the community about the importance of the work that Em Cena Arte e Cidadania does, and how what they do can change young boys lives as well. To see Laura’s case study click here.



Using Music and Art to Prevent Drug Abuse in the Community

In April 2015, Mother’s incredible Emma Davenport came to Recife through the D&AD to work with Em Cena and help them use their music and art to talk to their community about the dangers of drug abuse and trafficking. Along with the local agency Iris, they helped the students to get their voices heard, through incredible short videos, a fantastic website and beautiful new identity to their project.

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