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The Edifício Ecológico (Ecological Building) Project is a pioneer project developed by NGO Ambiental 21. They implement recycling systems in high-rise residential and business buildings, as well as in schools, to benefit the environment and improve the lives of hundreds of street garbage pickers who rumble through the garbage for recyclable waste in Recife, Brazil.

edificioecologico.org.br | facebook.com/EdificioEcologico


Increasing the number of apartment buildings working with EE

This placement happened in March 2009 with Ed Richards from Leo Burnett. The aim of the project was to increase the number of apartment buildings partnering with EE – specifically 100 buildings within a year – by prompting people to sign up to the scheme via an effective communications campaign. The outcomes were fantastic! 6 months after the TIE project EE broke the record for the number of new buildings secured in a year. They won new business with a car dealership and the Recife British Country Club and a deal to work with 200+ buildings in the neighbouring city of Jaboatão. What this means in environmental and developmental terms: 25 new catadores have jobs (a catador working with the EE project earns double), 3.5 tons of materials recycled per month/catador, 1 ton of recycled paper saves 20 trees, and to make 1 ton of aluminum from recycled material uses 90% less energy & 50% less water. In short, more buildings working with EE = more Catadores working (and getting a better quality of life) = more recycled materials = better environment = a better world. You can read the case study here.




Increasing the number of businesses working with EE

This placement happened in March 2012 with Ewa Kwolek from Proximity London. This time, the objective was to increase the number of businesses and other institutions partnering with EE in Recife. Ewa did a great job in her placement, and since the launch of the campaign (May 2012), EE has had 1 company partner with the project, a dozen companies calling them to find out more about the project and 2 that will potentially become partners. You can read the case study here.


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