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Comunidade dos Pequenos Profetas (Little Prophets Community) is an NGO based in Recife, Brazil, whose mission is to improve the quality of life of children and adolescents in disadvantaged urban areas through their reintegration into civil society and job market. CPP provides them basic health care, education, professional training and socialization.



Dreams are for everyone

TIE’s first campaign for CPP took place in March 2011 with Alice Hooper from Leo Burnett. She developed a communications campaign to generate awareness in Recife’s middle class of CPP’s work with the children and to boost interest and attract donations to the organization. The campaign’s motif was “Dreams are for Everyone”. By helping CPP, people would make the dreams of the assisted kids come true. Alice and the local agency Arcos created several important pieces for CPP that they will be able to use for external communication, such as leaflets, t-shirts, posters, as well as their institutional video, that you can see here. During the placement, they also managed to film a making of video from the campaign, which can be seen here.The campaign was so well received in Recife that it rendered a Bronze for Arcos at the Pernambuco (state) Advertising Awards in 2011.

For CPP the highest goal of the campaign was achieved: making CPP known in the city. Coordinator Demetrius also highlighted the fact that the beneficiaries of CPP have participated actively in the whole process.

This placement was also a game changer for Alice. Shortly after her return to Leo Burnett, she co-founded Leo Burnett Change, a collective dedicated to making powerful communications with positive social impact.


O Passo Mais Saudável

In October 2014, Milla Chaplin came from Mindshare, through the WPP network, to develop a new campaign for CPP. The goal was to create the tools to communicate with city councils in Recife CPP’s new project: O Passo Mais Saudável.

O Passo Mais Saudável aims to change the way public schools see and prepare school meals, in order to give to children in Recife and in other cities a healthier nutrition. These children usually come from very poor communities and they don’t have access to healthy food. By changing the school meals, CPP wants to help raise healthier children, that perform better at school and as a result have better opportunities for the future.

Milla and her team of students, from the experimental agency Aê! developed the branding and strategy for the campaign.

O Passo Mais Saudável - Guia