International Service & Associação Quilombola Coiceição das Crioulas

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International Service (IS) is an international development charity that protects and promotes the rights of the most marginalized people in Brazil, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Mali and the occupied territory of Palestine. They combat poverty and oppression by working to increase global understanding of development issues and improving local society in these developing countries.

The Associação Quilombola Conceição das Crioulas (AQCC) is formed altogether by 10 associations of farmers and rural workers of the Conceição das Crioulas community in the Sertão (backlands) of Pernambuco, Brazil. Their objectives include the struggle for land, education and health and the promotion of sustainable development as well as the preservation of customs, traditions and history of the community.


Campaign to increase awareness of IS Brazil’s positive effect in development

TIE’s project with International Service brought professional Matt Oxley from Tribal DDB to Brazil in February 2009. Matt spent his time in Recife, Salgueiro and the community of Conceição das Criolas to develop a short film on the partnership between International Service Brazil and AQCC. The purpose of the film was to increase awareness in the UK of the positive effects of IS Brazil’s development work. You may read Matt’s case study here.

screenshot of shoot from case study1

screenshot of shoot from case study2