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Centro Escola Mangue (The Mangrove School Centre) is an Environmental School based in Brasília Teimosa – a seafront community in Recife, Brazil – that has culture as a pedagogical axis. They value the traditional knowledge of the fishing communities, connecting them to academic knowledge to promote environmental sustainability.

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Campaign to raise awareness of the importance of Mangrove Ecosystems

The TIE project with Centro Escola Mangue brought Tristan Ramsdale, from Landor New York to work with them in July 2011. He developed a campaign to raise awareness among the middle-class influencers about the importance of the mangrove ecosystem to the environment and the work CEM does in Brasilia Teimosa to support the cause and educate the local community. The campaign idea was to show that the mangroves are the hidden treasure of Recife, that they are precious but no one sees them or values them. Tristan and the team wanted to make a strong brand for the campaign so that people would engage with CEM. Lots of fun and interesting pieces were created – from billboards to t-shirts, ecobags, buttons and stickers.

CEM has already started selling the t-shirts on their website, and soon will be selling other materials too. Not only will this help promote the importance of the mangroves, but will also help CEM with their sustainability as they now have a new source of income. You may read Tristan’s case study here.