Organisations tend to see things from the “inside out”.

But the key is to see things from the “outside-in”. But just seeing things differently isn’t enough.

Which is why we have developed immersive leadership experiences.

Getting out of your bubble matters.

And TIE helps develop leaders the world truly needs now by allowing people to get out of their bubble and see the world through a different lens.

Here I talk to Janice McNamara, TIE’s International Development Trainer and Executive Coach, who is a huge part of the process to make this possible.

Immersion means experiencing the outside-in first-hand and viscerally. It involves direct exposure to situations and stimuli that build belief in both the possibility and feasibility of new and better ways to solve customer problems. Immersion entails getting out of your sector, or even of the world of business altogether to where you can find successful examples of things being done differently.

Janice talks to us about how she helps prepare people before these types of experiences. And how she unlocks people’s potential and channels the learnings.

She talks about the thousands of people she has prepared previously. And the important message she has communicated to make these experiences a success.

We talk about presenting to Princess Anne. How the experience almost went horribly wrong. But how it was saved in the end and the learnings from the experience.

She talks about what sparked her to get into this world. And how she can personally empathise with people being out of their comfort zone.

So much in this episode. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

To learn more about TIE’s programmes you can see our corporate programmes here. And TIE Accelerator here.