What goes into being a successful artist?

And what is fundamental when it comes to making a living in the art world?

Today I’m speaking with Ben Ashton, a master of subversion. His art is both beautiful and challenging; a clash of past and future that merges classic techniques with new ideas.

GQ style called him a modern master, and his work, inspired by old master techniques, has been embraced by the global pop surrealist movement.

We talk about the power of patience and resilience to realise your purpose.

How necessity truly was the mother of invention – and the main creative idea – when Ben executed the “Fall in Love Again” official video by Rag’n’Bone Man.

We talk about the power of flexibility and networks.

How to live out your purpose… and follow your heart.

And pursuing and maintaining a brand that is truly authentic.

Ben talks of fighting against the traditional London art scene. And what that means. And then his route to feeling content.

And we end on a glimpse to what his next show is going to be about. Which is super cool!

This is a must listen. I was totally buzzing at the end of this one. The energy is electric. And it was SUPER FUN to record.

So throw on those running shoes or grab your favourite beverage. And get inspired, with Ben.

You can follow Ben on Instagram: @benashtonart

Watch the Rag’n’Bone Man video here.

And check out Ben’s Youtube channel here.

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It’s time. Let’s change things!