Messages like this one are coming into our inboxes more frequently each week.

E-mail from one of TIE's NGO partners, AA Nepal, requesting help to fight Covid-19.

This was sent to us by Lila Nath Pahadi, founder of the Nepalese NGO Akshar Arambha Nepal, whose work is to ensure the rights of disabled people in the country. Their beneficiaries come from underprivileged backgrounds and are subject to government neglect and social prejudice.

Although Europe and the United States are reopening their economies, throughout the Global South, Covid-19 is running rampant.

The scarcity of medical supplies, human and financial resources are aggravating inequalities and paralysing economies.

Social initiatives are hard-pressed to find quick solutions to big problems affecting their communities. And this is where the private sector can (and must!) help.

I explain why in the video below.

We at TIE have developed two entirely new virtual programmes that allow businesses to help social initiatives like Akshar Arambha Nepal, all the while developing key leadership capabilities for employees and future leaders.

Innovative thinking, cultural intelligence and conscious leadership matter more now than ever before.

And we create leaders with these competencies. 

Be part of the solution.

Please, get in touch and we’ll tell you how it works. How you benefit. And how you can impact the world.