You can’t breed a whale shark. Or a humpback whale.

When they are gone, they are gone.

And, what about borders when it comes to the ocean? Who is responsible for caring for these charismatic creatures when they go into other territories?

I had never thought of ocean conservation in those terms before.

Today I speak with Andrea Marshall, known as the Queen of Mantas, as coined by the BBC for their documentary on her in 2009.

She’s a pioneer for Manta Ray research.

Before she started researching Mantas, there was simply no data on them.

“How can we have people going to space, yet we don’t know anything about the biggest animals in our ocean. That’s crazy!”

She and her friend Simon Pierce decided they needed to study threatened charismatic marine megafauna. And to protect the marine habitats in Africa at the same time.

And so they did.

She moved to Mozambique. And they created the Marine Megafauna Foundation.

Today she tells us her story.

How she went from living in Australia, to selling everything, and building a hut in Mozambique, to start her life’s work.

We hear about the (many) challenges they face in Mozambique. And her hope.

Andrea is a true inspiration, her passion and dedication to marine conservation is thoroughly contagious, and this chat will inspire you.

So grab that favourite beverage or throw on those running shoes, and here is Andrea.

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