One of the many aspects of TIE is that we help brands stand for more and give back to the world. This is something consumers expect more and more of from the brands they relate to. And this is exactly what is happening with a Canadian underwear brand and one of our TIE partners – a Brazilian NGO called Grupo Ruas e Praças.

After the huge success of Nicolas‘s campaign last November for Grupo Ruas e Praças, the Canadian brand reached out looking for a partnership during the World Cup in Brazil.

With the world’s focus turning to Brazil, Garçon Model is re-launching its sell-out Brazil national flag coloured trunks in time for the event.

And all profits from the Brazil trunks will be donated to Grupo Ruas e Praças to help support homeless children living on the streets of Recife, one of the host cities of the event.

Grupo Ruas e Praças believes in the dreams and potential of each street child. TIE and Garçon Model have made it easier for them to support those children’s dreams and nurture their talents.

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