Brazil, the rainforest, and the environment has hit the headlines quite a bit over the past couple of years.

And rightfully so.

And now, with more burning of the Amazon in the North of Brazil, the rainforest is back in the news.

It’s hard not to feel slightly paralysed – wondering how on earth we can help. And be some sort of change in the face of all of this destruction.

Today we talk to Binka, co-founder of Iracambi, a Brazilian organisation working to make the conservation of the Atlantic Rainforest more attractive than its destruction.

You will learn things you didn’t know about the state of the rainforest.

She tells us what keeps her up and night.

But also tells us what gives her hope.

You’ll also learn how Covid is impacting the communities close to Iracambi. And it’s not what you’d expect.

So grab your favourite beverage and have a listen. And do let me know what you think!

And if this resonates, why don’t you think about getting involved?

Just imagine being able to develop the tools to lead in today’s world ….while helping to protect the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest with Iracambi.

Covid has changed the rules of the game. We can all see it. There is a cultural and organisational shift happening.

You need to be empowered, more self-aware, and a more conscious leader to meet the new working demands.

By impacting a social project like Iracambi, we create the perfect context to empower you to be the leader the corporate world needs now.

If you want to get involved with TIE Accelerator and impact Iracambi through our project with them, join our info session to find out more or get in touch.

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There’s a lot going on at the moment that rightfully demands our collective energies. My hope is that these programs can make a positive, even if small contribution by helping change the corporate landscape for the better.

And I can’t emphasise enough how much this means to the initiatives around the world that are in need of smart people right now.