What is the reality on the ground for the 2.8 billion people globally that still don’t have access to clean cooking?

What are the risks to the environment, the health of these people and the economy of the countries that are only able to cook this way?

Even with urbanisation, the science and demographics are clear – at least 2 billion people will continue to rely on burning wood to cook over the next 10 years, and electricity won’t come close to filling the energy gap.

So solutions need to be found.

Sadly, the biomass movement doesn’t have a loud enough voice.

And they need one.

Malawi is one of these countries that still relies on biomass.

And the country is participating as a Global Champion for Energy access at the UN High Level Dialogue on Energy in September.

Today we bring all of this to life.

And TIE’s important role.

So throw on those running shoes or grab that coffee and have a listen.

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