The main goal of business is to MAKE money.

I remember chanting that at business school. And it just didn’t feel right.

I then went to work in advertising, and there was still a disconnect. I loved the industry. Loved what I did. But there was something missing.

You see, my family is in the ‘helping people industry’.

Doctors, social workers, environmental engineers, public health professionals. My uncle was even Nelson Mandela’s personal doctor when he came out of prison and started negotiations with the apartheid government.

Growing up I was surrounded by conversations rooted in humanity and making the world better.

So when I started working in advertising, I really missed that feeling of heart. And feeling as though we were doing something to improve humanity.

I felt as though I had to choose between the two.

EITHER, have heart, soul, be human and work in the helping people industries.

OR, work in the private sector.

Surely there had to be an AND AND.

I had no desire to be a doctor. And I loved what I did.

I kept thinking.

People want to feel as though their skills have a greater meaning in the whole scheme of things.

I then looked at the power of the private sector. It can make a huge difference in this world. It has the knowledge, the human and financial resources to make real impact, and it can act quicker than the government when it comes to making swift and important decisions.

But to get there we need LEADERS. Leaders that are capable of meaningful change.

We need leaders that are inspired, empathetic, flexible, aware of what is going on outside of their bubble and silo.

Leaders that are willing and courageous enough to challenge the status quo. Can take calculate risks, be comfortable in uncomfortable situations, embrace diversity, understand the power of what they know, and are able to respond in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Leaders that can drive companies in the right direction.

And it was this thinking that started TIE.

TIE is a catalytic leadership development programme, and this is exactly what we help develop through every one of our leadership experiences.