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“The WPP Fellowship is designed to recruit and train future leaders for our companies. Over three years, each Fellow receives training across different marketing communications disciplines, simultaneously learning cultural flexibility by moving across three different continents. Our relationship with TIE has enabled Fellows to test how much they have learned, by placing them in a leadership position with an NGO, in an unfamiliar culture and language, that will require all the skills they have learned and more besides. For those who have taken up the challenge (18 so far..), the experience has been both affirming and transformational. They have all returned with a broader perspective on their own abilities, a focus on what is important as they develop their careers, and a profound sense of the influence of marketing communications, when applied either commercially or ‘for good.’ The money we spend with TIE has never been regarded as expenditure – it’s an investment in individual careers, in the future of our company, and in the lives of those who are touched by the host organisations.”

Marketing Fellowship Director
WPP Group


“I know my life would not have taken the path it has if I hadn’t gone on TIE.”

Co-founder of Change
Client Services Director at Leo Burnett, London


“The marketing help from TIE has been invaluable. One of our main products, The Maeve stove, which the launch campaign was organized with help from TIE, had sold 500 stoves up to the launch. The year after the event, Maeve sold 10,000 stoves and 4 years later we are close to reach 400,000 households. It seems that almost everyone in Malawi is now aware of the stove and its benefits.”



“Our responsibility is to help agencies, studios and individuals to understand and get involved in more sustainable ways of doing business. To encourage a movement that puts corporate social responsibility at the cornerstone of all corporate growth plans and that makes ethical business behaviour the norm, not the exception. This partnership with TIE is a great opportunity for the advertising and design industries to help our clients, and their consumers, by inventing a new vocabulary; developing new capabilities and leading from the front. In short, to demonstrate that commercial communications can be a force for good. The White Pencil is designed to help the industry bring this about.”



“TIE was one of the most enjoyable – and intense – learning experiences I have ever had. I learned things that I never expected to, things that I can already feel making a real difference to my day job now I’m back. Nothing about the experience disappointed. It was a fantastic opportunity to experience all of the usual things you would expect from living and working in a different culture, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a chance to get exposure to a type of communication problem you would never normally come across, to build confidence doing roles that you would never normally get to do, and working with clients who come from a completely different world. It’s impossible not to come back with a renewed appreciation of the value that communications skills can bring to an organisation. It’s often something we underestimate hugely (and undersell!) and if you get the chance to be part of a TIE placement then go – you’ll be surprised at the impact that both it, and you, can have.”

Global Neuroscience Practice Director
Millward Brown


“Our objectives were exceeded. The campaign, created on the basis of great research, revealed a level of perfection that O Pequeno Nazareno would never have achieved on our own. The results were remarkable.”

General Coordination
O Pequeno Nazareno


“Wieden+Kennedy London has been working with TIE for several years now. We have found it to be a transformational experience for those who participate, who come back enthused and energised. Our TIE participants find that they can achieve more than they thought possible, in a totally unfamiliar environment and culture. And the learning and positivity they bring back when they return to their work in London is an inspiration to the whole agency. It’s a great thing to be part of.”

Managing Director
Wieden+Kennedy London


“TIE is a unique scheme for those who contribute to it, and those who benefit from it. It forces you to feel uncomfortable, to have to so quickly embrace a new culture, to open your eyes to new problems and think differently about solving them. Waking up each morning not really knowing what will happen or what will be thrown at you is initially un-nerving but ultimately gives you a real buzz and sense of achievement. Having an ‘open brief’ but with a world of expectation and responsibility on your shoulders is frightening, but also really exciting. The immediacy of how quickly you can make an impact is incredible, how quickly things can happen and how easily you can apply yourself and do some good. What you take away from participating in a project with TIE is 1,000-fold: you achieve much, much more than you could ever learn taking a comms course in the UK or working in everyday communications. I would recommend the experience to anyone. I’d also highly recommend the cake.”

Account Director
Wieden+Kennedy London


“TIE made 100% of an impact. It has been one of the most beneficial projects that the organisation has taken part in throughout our 7-year history.”

Barefeet Theatre


“For WPP there are many advantages: we are able to continue our investment in talented employees while improving their understanding of the global economy and developing markets; we are better placed to advise clients on corporate social responsibility; but most of all as a Group we are able to use our expertise for the benefit of society.”

WPP Group


“This project required a creative brief to be developed before any of the design or art direction could be done. This is usually not something I’m involved in back home and it was definitely a new point of growth for me. Also, understanding how other cultures communicate differently is something I’ll take with me for a long time.”

Account Director
Wieden+Kennedy London


“TIE has really helped to strengthen Gestos’ vision and has significantly impacted on the lives of the people within our organisation. The TIE placement really helped increase our self esteem as an organisation and has really helped our people be more open and better prepared to deal with different cultures: overall an outstanding experience for us.”

Co-Founder and Coordinator of Political Strategies


“Being part of TIE has been worth every moment for us at Leo Burnett. We are thrilled to discover such an innovative and effective training experience that has the potential to be shaped to meet our objectives and values on both the individual and agency level.  It really takes participants out of their comfort zone and the security blanket of “the team” and forces them to develop their leadership skills, as well as putting their core craft skills to a different use. The placement is very challenging but it has produced very real benefits to the individuals in terms of performance, confidence, leadership and broadening perspectives and therefore ambition. From an agency perspective, this approach to training not only reflects our values but we’re very happy to have been able to help such incredible organisations over the years.”

Talent Strategy Director
Leo Burnett London


“I enjoyed the challenge of searching for insights in a culture I didn’t fully understand, and in a language I had to detangle; playing creative- writing ideas and seeing them brought to fruition; and being involved in every stage of the communication process. I felt like an entrepreneur again.”

Planning Director
JWT New York


“The organizational work that Tiffany did with us (beyond the call of duty) also left us with a keen desire for more… huge progress was made – we now have a much clearer idea of what our priorities are, what our story is, who our key clients are and how we can proceed in our future communications. Her work has helped us focus clearly on what we do and who we are and how we can begin to become a more professional organization.”

Founder and President


“TIE is an unusual invention. It’s neither aid nor trade but better than both. No-one’s the gracious benefactor and no-one’s the humble recipient. The key word is Exchange: through the exchange of one kind of experience with another, all participants come away with more than they started with. Everyone benefits and so, indirectly, do thousands of others.”

Advisory Board


“Working with The School of St Yared through TIE has been a challenging, humbling and utterly rewarding month of my life that I will never forget. My experiences have given me a great sense of perspective. It’s made me understand just how vital communications are to bringing about social change and how important creativity is to solving problems. Regardless of whether you are working in an advertising agency in Sydney or you are a student in a school in Addis Ababa, there’s nothing more powerful than a big idea.”

Senior Planner
GPY&R Sydney


“To have a dedicated professional focusing solely on one key area of your organisation is a treat – they bring skills, ideas and energy and it’s inspiring to have a spotlight shone on a target area and see tools put in place to make improvements in just one month”

The School of St. Yared


“BBH have been supporting the TIE Exchange since 2010. It’s a scheme that hits the sweet spot between our Charitable Giving initiatives, which benefit other communities, with real learning and development for our staff.

Every BBH’er who has participated has described their project as a ‘lifetime experience’.”

Chairman & Partner
BBH London


“I realised early on that if I didn’t lead this then it would likely muddle along and not very much would happen. I had to be the one making decisions – which is unusual as I’m so used to being surrounded by loads of people who all want to lead. TIE helped me develop that skill. I will take a lot of confidence in my decision making back with me. I feel like I can trust my instincts even more now knowing I’ve got the experience to back it up.”

Integrated Production Director
BBH London


“This bridging of talents will bring the EE Project onto another level of reach and action, through communication initiatives, which will in due time have great environmental and social impacts in the city of Recife, in the Northeast region of Brazil. TIE has been a blessing to our Project from which many flourishing sustainable ideas with applicable solutions can begin to be brought into the light with communications campaigns. TIE shines a torch onto the solutions that enhance human development and defend the preservation of life.”

Executive Coordinator
Edifício Ecológico


“It isn’t just charity. It’s a process of our people taking their skills and coming back with skills themselves.”



“Being a TIE volunteer in early 2011 was deeply special. I grew up in Bangladesh and believe that the best kind of development is the kind that delivers and leaves skills, rather than taking away local jobs. That’s why volunteering my skills appealed so much. And I love children. Living in lots of emerging markets has made me a firm believer in education as the thing that will make a difference, the education of young girls in particular. So for me to go out and work for a grassroots charity aiming to raise children’s literacy levels in Brazil by giving my communications skills was a perfect fit.”

Director of Global Cultural Strategy
Ogilvy London


“At Chance For Change , we hosted Kate Nicoli from Leo Burnett for a month. Kate was truly inspirational to our staff, her level of professionalism, energy and productivity had an effect far greater than the work she produced. With Kate’s help, we were able to produce a set of campaign materials that were way beyond the level of what we could have produced without her, and the impact of her work endures as we continue to use the materials and also to use the planning tools she left us with for future campaigns.

Our experience with TIE was consistently positive. Their selection of Kate as our placement was a great fit. The support and direction we received; their preparation of the placement and their facilitation, all contributed to a slick and extremely productive relationship.

Many thanks TIE.”

Director of International Programmes
Chance for Change


“What we do matters. And no place is this more demonstrated than with this program, which allows our people to flex their muscles as marketers to help others and learn invaluable entrepreneurial skills along the way.” 

Global CEO