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The Associação Somos Professores is a small non-profit organization based in Recife (State of Pernambuco, Brazil) founded by teachers with the mission of ensuring high-quality public education in Brazil.

Since 2015, they promote innovative teaching practices in the local public school system by encouraging society to engage more actively with the work of dedicated teachers and help them develop their full potential with the support of their community, which they achieve through their own crowdfunding platform for public school teachers: |


Campaign to fight sexual exploitation in Recife

Yewande Sokan, from Maxus London and the WPP network, came to Recife in November 2014 to work with ActionAid and a local communities in poor areas of the city. They developed the campaign Garotas nada Estúpidas to help girls understand their selfworth and prevent them from falling into the cycle of prostitution.

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