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Prospect Burma believes that the best and only way to build a better and peaceful future for the country is through opening up education opportunities to young people, to introduce them to critical thinking skills which will teach them how to think for themselves, and to equip them with the skills and qualifications the country so desperately needs.

Prospect Burma began life in 1989, following the pro-democracy uprising of the previous year. When they first started out, the work focused on supporting refugees who had been forced to flee the country. They began raising funds for books and classes in refugee schools, and awarded one annual scholarship to an exiled Myanmar student to attend university.

Since then they have grown exponentially, focusing on equipping people from Myanmar with the skills and education they need to change their country for the better. |


TIE Project with Prospect Burma

Felicia Kodderitzsch from Octopus Investments is going on TIE in early 2019 to help Prospect Burma create an alumni network. Stay tuned for updates!