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Chance 4 Change believe that all young people have the right to be active citizens and equal members of society. The organizations was established in 2011 by leading professionals in the field of youth development with considerable experience in other organisations including Venture Trust and Save the Children. As well as supporting young people in the UK, the institution has established separate development programmes that support marginalised young people in Nepal and Malawi. Since their establishment, they have secured over £500k for their work in the UK and abroad, developing strong partnerships with funders including the Souter Trust and the Rank Foundation. Their main objective is to educate and empower the youth, giving them the tools to build a better life and community.


Campaign to help rehabilitate young offenders back into their communities

When it comes to young offenders, judges in Malawi currently only have two options: innocence or jail. It’s not uncommon for people to go to jail for 3 – 5 years for stealing a mobile phone. You have young guys who are under age and put into horrible conditions in jail. And coming out HIV+ positive, malnourished, and many times, some aren’t getting out. Regularly they have found people who are being left in jail long after they should have been released.

Chance 4 Change wanted to change that. So they have developed a Custody Centre for young offenders. The idea was that the young offenders would go to the centre to be educated and trained. This is an exciting project where they are introducing new ideas that are different from the current status quo. Their goal is to stop looking at these young people as criminals. And instead, send them out with tools to set up businesses and be entrepreneurs. Malawi is such a poor country, and there are not enough jobs for well qualified people. Never mind people who have spent their teenage years behind bars. The idea is to create skills for self employment.

In order for all of this to come to fruition, Chance 4 Change needed help spreading the word about the centre and why it was so important for Malawi. They needed to get the police, the government, the social welfare ministries, as well as community leaders in Malawi knowing about the Centre and help them understand how and why it’s a viable option to prison and that it was there for the judiciary to use.

So we had Kate Nicoli going to Malawi to work with them. She spent a month promoting a culture of greater forgiveness and raising awareness of the work developed at the Centre.

The work developed by Kate had a huge impact on the communities and on C4C’s work. Community leaders, family members, human rights organizations – everybody has been asking to use the print materials and they are carefully looked-after possessions in the villages. The level of take-up of the campaign by Chiefs and community leaders has been astonishing and there is a real commitment to the forgiveness message.

Part of Kate’s campaign was the Global Forgiveness Day, that was celebrated after the placement. It was a huge success and C4C was able to engage hundreds of people in the event. Read more here.

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Entrepreneurs Programme Strategy

In April 2018, Octopus Investments sent Chloe Allan on TIE to work with Chance 4 Change, to carry out research, recommendations & implementation of changes to improve the Entrepreneurs Programme Strategy to give the youth an opportunity to change, to go on to run their own businesses and earn their own money. She helped them develop their enterprise strategy and programme, empowering young offenders to become entrepreneurs and take charge of their future. You can read her case study here.