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The power of blurred borders

I knew things had changed when a friend who works in international development posted Mark Parker’s response to Trump’s immigration ban to social media. Her statement said it all: ‘Never thought I would say this…But rock on Nike’. Yes, a former skeptic of the private sector had started to see that it can be a force for good.  We’ve just lived through 2 weeks of the Trumpocalypse. It would be easy for us all to get bogged down with all of the bad news that we read in the headlines every day.  But I am actually feeling very hopeful. Something has certainly shifted, and I like where things are heading. We now know that we cannot rely on the government to solve some of the world’s biggest and scariest problems. And we know that the third sector is limited, to a certain extent, by human and financial resources. But the past few weeks have proved that business and society are becoming ever more integrated. And the barriers between the traditional sectors (business, government, and NGOs) are becoming ever more blurred. This is the Fourth Sector. One of TIE’s advisors, Gib Bulloch, has been...

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Job Opportunity: Programme Manager at TIE

TIE is looking for a new team member. We currently have a small team working out of the office in Brazil, plus a few trusted service providers working abroad. The job opening is for the Programme Manager position, for residents of Recife (PE – Brazil) and metropolitan area. The Programme Manager has a critical role at TIE. He or she will be working directly with the Founder and Managing Director, Philippa White, and will be responsible for the social side of the company. The company is currently at a tipping point and the Programme Manager has the exciting opportunity to help drive the business to the next level. He or she will be responsible for: * Contacting NGOs and social enterprises around the world, to develop bespoke projects, that will then be matched to professionals; * Writing projects, articles for the website, newsletters, documents, emails and more; * Tracking the progress of the various projects being developed; * Managing logistical aspects of the placements, such as accommodation, airport pick up, pre-departure information, etc; * Anticipating needs and acting pro-actively towards them; * Helping with occasional administrative tasks such as mailing, taxes, etc. We are looking for someone who is...

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WPP is sending Denetrias Charlemagne on TIE in 2017!

Denetrias “Dee” Charlemagne is currently Head of New Business at Truffle Pig, helping set up a new agency founded by WPP, The Daily Mail and Snapchat. Before Truffle Pig, she was a brand planner at Ogilvy & Mather New York, developing consumer insights and strategy for Starbucks’ loyalty program and Blackrock. Dee began her career as a WPP Fellow, spending three years rotating across three roles, three countries, and three advertising disciplines – a new business and strategist at OgilvyRed/Ogilvy & Mather New York, a media/creative planner at RedFuse (an integrated media/creative agency for Colgate-Palmolive) in Hong Kong and a brand/platform coordinator at VICE London. On the side, Dee is always looking to maximize her airline miles, get conversational with Spanish, and find the courage to move from half to full marathons. Born and bred in New York to a very large West Indian family, Dee loves meeting new people, preferably over a great meal and engaging chat! Dee holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Harvard College. She is so excited to take part on TIE this year.

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A Catalyst for Change

It was November 2004, in Cape Town, and I was sitting in the congregation at my uncle’s memorial. My uncle was always a huge inspiration to me. He fought tirelessly against apartheid in the field of worker’s health, supporting trade unions in their battles for healthy workplaces, found himself sprayed with purple paint on one occasion when he was part of a team of medics supporting a protest march (it was a way to tag those fighting against the regime), and he was appointed as Nelson Mandela’s personal doctor during the first round of negotiations with the Apartheid government. Whenever I would go to South Africa, I would be captivated by his stories of struggle, determination, and hope.  He believed in something, to his core, and he fought for it. As someone who grew up in Canada, I didn’t know what that felt like. Life for me was so safe, so easy, so perfect. His memorial was a turning point. I looked around, and the room was full of people from his life: medical colleagues, comrades from the Struggle, friends and of course family. But what really struck me were the...

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A simple story

I can’t believe that this time last week I was walking around New York in a parka. I am now back in Brazil, and definitely not wearing a parka. As always, this trip was a wonderful mix of meetings – conversations with advisors, chats with future TIE participants, debriefing discussions with alumni and their companies, and of course, new business presentations. I always feel a tremendous energy after my two weeks abroad – and I am still buzzing. As I reflect on the conversations – I realize the same story came up in almost all of my meetings. It’s a story of our most recent TIE alumni – Lauren Smith from W+K New York. She was based in Mozambique on a beach, had meetings in hammocks, and got to go diving on a number of occasions.                         On the face of it, you could have confused this project with a pretty lush holiday. It was not a holiday. She finished her placement a few days before I left for London and New York, and her experience really stuck with...

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Support effective conservation and sustainable use of resources in the Mesoamerican Reef, by strengthening MAR Fund’s brand and communications

The Mesoamerican Reef System (MAR) encompasses the largest coral reef in the Atlantic, and is part of the interconnected system of coastal habitats and currents that extends throughout the Caribbean basin and beyond. Its coastline stretches for 1,000 kilometers from the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to the Bay Islands in Honduras. It is home to some of the world’s most stunning coastline and vibrant waters, with an astonishing array over 500 known fish species, some of the largest remaining population of manatees and sea turtles, possibly the largest known aggregation of whale sharks, and valuable concentrations of mangroves, sea-grass, and coral, of which there are 66 species of spiny coral alone. The MAR Fund is a regional environmental fund established to support conservation efforts specifically in the Mesoamerican Reef (MAR) Ecoregion.  Its mission is to enable innovative, transnational solutions to critical Mesoamerican reef issues through providing meaningful, long-term financial support and trustworthy reef management advice so that future generations can enjoy and benefit from a thriving reef system. The centerpiece of MAR Fund’s work is the establishment and strengthening of a functional network of priority coastal and...

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Wieden+Kennedy London is sending Will Wells on TIE in 2017. He is going to Guatemala!

Will Wells is a Creative at Wieden + Kennedy London, one of the most creative agencies in the universe. Along with his partner, he’s made TV, digital and print ads for everything from yogurt to telecoms brands. While at W+K, Will has jumped at opportunities to help local school kids develop creatively, and working with W+K’s Good Jobs programme he’s helped some of the students realise that there’s a future for them in the creative industries. Pre Wieden + Kennedy, Will got into advertising after winning a full scholarship to the famous School of Communication Arts, where he and his partner went on to win at a range of award shows; from Cream to D&AD. But it wasn’t always so. Before advertising, Will studied Marine Biology at university and his interest in conservation and helping communities in close contact with the natural world stems back to his childhood. When he’s got some free time Will likes yoga, finding nature and helping his dad build stuff in the shed at the back of his garden. Will is going to work with The MAR Fund, a regional eco-fund that works to protect...

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SHALL WE CALL A CAB? Is Your Business Like a Boring Dinner Party?

Oh no! We’re talking about kitchen islands. We’ve already covered the kids’ exam results and university options. We’ve considered Uber and Strava, Nutribullets and Fitbits. We’ve discussed cycling and ski holidays, quinoa and kale. We’ve conferred on Bake Off and box sets, beards, bins and back pain. We’ve added a little Remoaning and a dash of Trumpophobia. And the blokes have had a furtive chat about craft ale and Arsenal. Yes, that’s it. We’re right in the middle of a Boring Dinner Party. It’s a shame because it all promised so much. Such a compelling line-up of smart, charming people; such thoughtful hosts, fine food and considered wine selection. We were really looking forward to it… Ah…Now we’re onto wi-fi reception. I guess there’s nothing else for it. I’ll catch her eyes across the table, give her that look: ‘Shall we call a cab?’ I imagine we’ve all found ourselves at our own version of the Boring Dinner Party. And I confess I’m as conversationally culpable as the next person. So what is it that makes some events collectively dull, when the people in them are individually interesting? Of course,...

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BBH London is sending Emma Johnston-Donne on TIE in 2017 and she is going to India!

Emma is an Account Director at BBH London. For a long time she’s wanted to use her skills for good: before advertising she worked in the charity sector for two years (Oxfam and the Prince’s Trust), and while working in advertising she has continued to put this objective into practice. Her most recent BBH campaign was the ‘CPR babygrow’. Created in partnership with St John Ambulance and Tesco to help parents remember a lifesaving lesson, the campaign has reached over 25 million people. She led the BBH Green Team for two years and supports the agency’s Creativity for Good agenda. At her previous agency DLKW Lowe the “Pennies for Life” campaign she worked on for the MicroLoan Foundation put this charity on the map and won a Gold Cannes Lion. Emma is looking forward to working with Shaishav, a charity in India whose mission is to protect the rights and joys of childhood. Youth work has been important to Emma since setting up her local Putney youth group when she was 13 (still going strong), to teaching literacy in schools and eventually working for youth charities Fairbridge and the Prince’s...

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Help empower small groups of artisans in Brazil, by helping Rede Asta to create the tools that will help them take their business in their own hand and grow.

Rede Asta is a social business that empowers artisan women in Brazil by improving their business and giving visibility to their handmade products. Through trainings, the creation of production networks and sale channels, Rede Asta helps artisans and their communities to improve their products and have access to larger markets, always keeping in mind the principles of fair trade where the artisan gets the larger cut. The story of Rede Asta started when the Founder, Alice Freitas, set off on a journey to travel the world, with the goal of finding success stories of entrepreneurs that made a difference to the world with their business. Inspired by that journey, Alice planted the first seeds of what is now Rede Asta. Alice shares TIE’s vision that the commercial world can and should address the main social problems the world faces. Today Asta supports 60 productive groups across 10 states in Brazil, having improved the lives of more than 4.000 women. Their sales network consist in two stores in Rio, their online store and corporate sales. One of the biggest challenges they faced was to climb the business model, while increasing the...

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